Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Additional Food for Worms

From The Philadelphia (Pa.) Inquirer of Dec. 13, 2005:

Hidden family grave comes to light

By Stephan Salisbury

Inquirer Staff Writer

[O]n Saturday, workers digging in the Christ Church Burial Ground in preparation for laying a new path to Benjamin Franklin's gravesite felt shovels and rakes clang against stone.


"We discovered this marker that we had no idea existed," said John Hopkins, burial ground coordinator for the Christ Church Preservation Trust.

The marker, about six feet by three feet, lay about six inches below ground.


Hopkins said the church vestry would decide what to do with the marker, which lies directly under the path to the Franklin grave. It is likely that several graves are even farther below ground.

[Read the whole story]
I would hope that the graves are farther below ground.

For a full description and photographs of Franklin's gravesite, and to read his mock epitaph, visit The Electric Ben Franklin.

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