Monday, December 12, 2005

Ask The Genealogue 2

Dear Genealogue,
My husband spends all of his time on the computer working on his genealogy. I ask him if he still loves me, and he doesn't respond. What should I do?

Cherie in Bonney Lake, WA
Many genealogists refuse to respond to unsolicited requests for information. Try posting your query to a GenForum message board that he frequents.

Dear Genealogue,
I've finished writing my family history, and now I'm wondering how to index the married women — by their maiden names, by their married names, or by both?

Jack in Kalamazoo, MI
By their middle initials.

Dear Genealogue,
I've just found out that some of my ancestors were Jewish. What's the difference between a baptism and a bris?

Samantha in Alton, WV
Men don't cringe at a baptism.

Dear Genealogue,
There's a story in my family that one of my great-uncles served in Italy during World War I. How can I confirm this?

Nick in Findlay, OH
Read Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms. If your great-uncle isn't mentioned, you're out of luck.

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