Monday, December 19, 2005

Ask The Genealogue 3

Dear Genealogue,
I've only been working on my genealogy for two weeks, and I've already hit a brick wall. All eight of my great-grandparents were born in Europe, but I can't afford to travel there. How can I continue my research?

Harold in Ottumwa, IA
Continuing your research is really unnecessary, and would just make your family tree more complicated. Besides, European research is — by definition — unAmerican, and might earn you a visit from the FBI.

Dear Genealogue,
I've gathered conflicting information on one of my relatives. Some records call her "Mary Elizabeth Nichols," and others "Elizabeth Mary Nichols." What should I call her in my family history?

Barbara in Winchester, MA
To prevent confusion, omit her from your family history entirely. Serves her right.

Dear Genealogue,
My 4th great-grandfather has the letters "G.A.R." on his tombstone. What does this stand for?

Loretta in Barre, VT
"Gamblers Anonymous Reject."

Dear Genealogue,
Could you look up Timothy Fleming of Dade County, Florida, in the 1920 census?

Paul in Sarasota, FL
Yes, I could.

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