Monday, December 12, 2005

Brittany Murphy's Stout

From Irish Abroad, posted Dec. 12, 2005:

Brittany: I’m Irish!

By Debbie McGoldrick

Brittany Murphy is Irish — hardly a surprise, given her last name. The actress, 28, was over in Europe plugging her latest, Sin City, recently, and [...] told Ireland’s Sunday Tribune all about her Irish roots.


“My family is very Irish. They give Murphy sweatshirts out to everyone when we go somewhere. We have the emblem from Murphy’s stout put on the sweatshirts like a family crest.”


[Read the whole story]
Eddie Murphy is probably not Irish — quite a surprise, given his last name.


Eddie Murphy isn't Irish? You've never heard of the Black Irish?


That explains his heavy brogue.

Murphy has himself addressed this issue, as shown by this Newsday article about an early comedy bit:

He formed a group, the Identical Triplets, with two young white comics named Rob Bartlett and Bob Nelson. The New York Times covered a comedy workshop at the Garden City school's cafeteria, and while the story's focus was on Nelson and Bartlett, it described the moment in the act when "Irish Eddie Murphy" was introduced by Nelson. "I'm not Irish, I'm black," Murphy deadpanned to the startled and tickled audience.

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