Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Chase Tablet Chased Down

From The (Newburyport, Mass.) Daily News of Dec. 20, 2005:

Historic stone rolls to library

By Adam Martignetti
Staff Writer

NEWBURYPORT — A piece of the city's past has been unearthed and brought to Newburyport.

The Aquila Chase Tablet, carved in 1924 to honor one of the first settlers of Newburyport, was hung in the library yesterday thanks to the efforts of two Chase descendants and a local historical organization.

The 100-pound, engraved tablet had disappeared from the public eye for more than 40 years.


Carving plaques was a popular way to commemorate ancestors in the early 1900s, [Dr. William] Watts said. Dozens of similar markers could be seen at the headquarters of the New England Genealogical Society. George F. Sanborn Jr., a descendant of both Aquila and Thomas Chase, recalled seeing the Chase tablet alongside others as a teenager.

"Some of them were huge, much bigger than that Chase one," Sanborn said. "When you walked in, it looked like a cemetery or mausoleum."


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