Thursday, December 22, 2005

City Bans Bucket-Kicking

From BBC News, posted Dec. 14, 2005:

Brazil city proposes ban on death

Municipal regulations normally ban anything from smoking in public places to parking in certain zones.

But officials in the Brazilian town of Biritiba Mirim, 70km (45 miles) east of Sao Paulo, have gone far beyond that.

They plan to prohibit residents from dying because the local cemetery has reached full capacity.

Mayor Roberto Pereira says the bill is meant as a protest against federal regulations that bar new or expanded cemeteries in preservation areas.


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[Hat tip: Legacy News]


This reminds me of a movie, whose name I cannot recall, about a family was trying to keep everyone alive in the town because there was only one plot left and they wanted it.

SO, if you break the law, does the corpse have to go court? It sounds like a dead end (loss?) either way.


It's about time the deceased stopped being the "silent majority" and started fighting against foolish laws like this. I think one zombie protest march should do the trick.


Zombie protest...but, then, they would probably have to get a permit for the march. That would be an interesting sight, a zombie filling out paperwork. Does the bureaucracy ever end?

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