Sunday, December 04, 2005

Don't Look for Jobs in Green Bay

From the Green Bay (Wis.) Press-Gazette of Dec. 4, 2005:

Apple Computer mogul's roots tied to Green Bay

Jobs' biological mother was area schoolteacher

By Andy Behrendt

It was in a Green Bay paint store in the early '80s that Jim Giese learned about the most famous fruit of his family tree.

Word had gotten around town that Steve Jobs, founder of the upstart Apple Computer, was his cousin.

"Steve who?" asked Giese, then a painting contractor and regular store customer.


For all its character, Green Bay may not have done much to spark the tech mogul's storied career. Anyone hoping for him to sponsor a Steve Jobs Civic Center on the Fox River will surely be disappointed. But as Scott Eastman realized shortly after he found the mistaken information on the Mac-daddy's birthplace, Green Bay actually does have an Apple store.

"I was coming down West Mason on my way home and went by our The Apple Store, where they were announcing that they now have Honey Crisp apples," Eastman said. "It's like the new (iPod) Nano, only not so much."

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