Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Genealogy By The Numbers

From Response Source, released Dec. 14, 005:


THE GROWING interest in family history over the last few years has been remarkable. With a new series of the popular BBC programme "Who do you think you think you are?" due to start in the New Year, family history and genealogy research is becoming easier thanks to the internet. Leading the way in online genealogy is the website which has begun to revolutionise Family History research by making the process of locating Birth, Marriage and Death records (BMD) for England and Wales much easier, more accurate, cheaper and without the need to visit the Family Records Centre in Central London.


The Birth, Marriage and Death indexes in the Family Record Centre weigh approximately 5 kg each, with approximately 8,000 indexes which equates to approximately 40,000 kg or over 40 tons of paper

If each page was placed end to end it would cover a distance of 1,008 kilometres or 625 miles

There are approximately 300 million names in the indexes since Registration began in 1837 – the same year as Queen Victoria ascended to the throne


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By my calculations, each of those 300 million records weighs about 0.13 grams, or 0.0045 ounces, and measures approximately 3.36 millimeters, or 0.13 inches, in length.

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