Thursday, December 08, 2005

It Ain't Moby Dick

From, posted Dec. 8, 2005:

Westport Historical Society acquires ships' logs by local 17th century whalers

WESTPORT - We have heard the stories of lonely whalers out at sea, but their feelings come to life in a ship's log acquired by the Westport Historical Society. The log was written by Albert A. Gifford of Westport. Mr. Gifford was a boat steerer and harpooner who later worked his way up to first mate.


Although Albert Gifford is emotional about his wife, he does not express much concern about a fellow whaler's death. He writes, "The whale took Ansell Jewell in his jaw and we never saw him after."

Mr. Gifford makes a confusing reference to what appears to be an altercation between two men. He calls one a "lap dog" and says he was "released from the teeth of a huge mastiff by quietly administering a pinch of snuff."


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