Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It Could Happen to You (When You're Dead)

From (of Providence, R.I.):

Residents Want Action In Cemetery Desecration Case

People Charged In Case Have Yet To Be Arraigned

POSTED: December 20, 2005

WESTPORT, Mass. -- Westport preservationists are putting pressure on the Bristol County district attorney to prosecute three people accused of desecrating a cemetery.

"A neighbor had come to the police department -- a neighbor of this property -- and said that the cemetery had been disturbed. This goes back now [to] November of 2004," Sgt. Jeff Majewski said Tuesday.

That's when Westport police charged the owners of Bristol, R.I.-based contractor ELJ with two felony charges of destroying a burial site. The company was clearing land for a housing development.


Preservationists worry that this case could endanger dozens of other cemeteries in town -- some of which are unmarked.

"We all die. We all have dead ancestors. This could happen to any of us," [concerned resident Betty] Slade said.

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