Thursday, December 08, 2005

New Ways to Wear Your Genes

Steve at has collected links to Weird DNA Products — that is, weird products you can have your DNA sequence turned into, such as jewelry and neckties. If you've always wanted to hear people say, "Hey, isn't that DNA on your tie?" check out these offerings.

Perhaps the weirdest thing you can produce with your unique DNA sequence: children.

(Disclaimer: This author takes no responsibility for children his readers produce through subsequent Internet transactions.)

[Hat tip: Boing Boing]


Something they didn't include (probably because it doesn't exist yet) is what an art project called Biopresence is looking into:having your junk DNA transcoded into tree DNA, thus giving you a "living memorial".
Freaky stuff...

More info here:


I just had a brainstorm: Have your relative's DNA transcoded into the DNA of a Christmas tree. Then you could adorn Grandma with lights and ornaments once a year, just like when she was still alive.

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