Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No Points for Guessing

From The Chicago (Ill.) Tribune:

Mission to demystify the Class of 1938 at Oak Terrace school

Josh Noel
Published December 18, 2005

HIGHWOOD -- There's no telling how many people are left from the Class of 1938, but it's proving almost as difficult to tell exactly who was in the Class of 1938.

Leonora Cervac, former president of the Highwood Historical Society, is trying.

Cervac, 75, has set in a glass display case at Highwood City Hall a black and white class photo from Oak Terrace Elementary that was given to her last year by a man who thought it belonged in the care of a local historian.

Atop the case Cervac laid out a pad of paper last month on which she urges passersby to identify the students, but implores them in red block letters, "NO GUESSING."


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