Saturday, December 24, 2005

Prince Charles Wants Grandfather's Job and Name

From The (London, U.K.) Times of Dec. 24, 2005:

Call me George, suggests Charles

By Andrew Pierce

THE Prince of Wales has discussed rejecting the title Charles III when he becomes King to avoid unhappy associations with some of the bloodiest periods in the monarchy’s history.

The Prince’s favourite alternative name is George VII, in honour of his grandfather — one of the best-loved monarchs of the past century.


Patrick Cracroft-Brennan, a genealogist from Cracroft’s Peerage, said: “There has been a tradition over the last century for the regnal title to be different to the christian name. The change would make sense.

“Monarchs called Charles have not had much luck. One was beheaded, one was in exile, and one was a pretender to the throne.


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He wouldn't be the first Prince to change his name.

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