Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Royal Bastard

From The Scotsman of Dec. 5, 2005:

Cameron revealed as a cousin of the Queen, but he's from 'wrong side of the blanket'


THE Tory leadership favourite, David Cameron, is related to the Queen through William IV's illegitimate daughter, genealogists have claimed.

The old Etonian's Royal connection was uncovered by researchers at Debrett's, the British aristocracy and genealogy bible.


[Debrett's editor-in-chief Charles] Mosley joked that the family connection could be of use should Mr Cameron make it to No10. "It might break the ice to have a bit of a link when the new chap takes over and meets the Queen," he said. "It will allow them to exchange jokes and ask: 'How are you, cuz?'"

However, a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace was less amused, saying: "We wouldn't comment on that."


[Read the whole story]

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