Wednesday, December 07, 2005

There's No Crying in Genealogy!

From The (London, U.K.) Independent:

Paxman reduced to tears by journey into his past

By Ciar Byrne Media Correspondent
Published: 08 December 2005

It is a sight few people would have expected to see on television - Jeremy Paxman, that most ferocious of political interviewers, reduced to tears.


Mr Paxman is one of six well-known faces who have taken part in the second series of the genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are? to be shown on BBC2 in early 2006.


His journey takes him to Scotland, where in one clip he is seen reading his great, great-great-grandmother's death certificate. He learns she was a charwoman who died from "TB and exhaustion" in her 30s; his eyes moisten and he lifts his arm to wipe them. With emotion in his voice, Mr Paxman says: "I don't know these people, I wouldn't recognise them if I fell on them, but I'm connected to them."


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