Thursday, December 29, 2005

You Get What You Pay For

From, posted Dec. 28, 2005:

How Jews Got Their Names

For all those Jews wondering where their last names came from

Edith Dinar, ESRA Magazine


In general there were five types of names (people had to pay for their choice of names; the poor had assigned names):


Bought names:

Gluck (luck); Rosen (roses); Rosenberg (rose mountain); Rosenblatt (rose paper or leaf); Rosenfeld (rose field); Rothman (red man); Diamond; Koenig (king); Koenigsberg (king’s mountain); Spielman (to play); Lieber (lover); Berg (mountain); Wasserman (water dweller); Kershenblatt (church paper); Stein (glass).

Assigned names (usually undesirable):

Plotz (to die); Klutz (clumsy); Billig (cheap); Drek (shit).


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