Friday, January 27, 2006

Beware of the Stroppy Silver-Haired Ladies

From the Hampstead and Highgate (U.K.) Express:

Stroppy? Who do you think you’re kidding?
27 January 2006
Andrew Brightwell

HIGHGATE Cemetery volunteers have hit back at claims they are a brigade of stroppy silver-haired ladies.

The army of volunteers donned helmets and brandished brooms to prove their point after they were mocked in the 2006 Lonely Planet Guide to London.

Jean Pateman, founder of the Friends of Highgate Cemetery, said: "To paraphrase Churchill, 'Some Mums, some army'."

"When these carping critics show me they can raise nearly £6 million over 30 years and create a thriving business out of a graveyard abandoned by its owners and Camden Council then they will be worth listening to."


Baron Jozsef von Treuenburg claims he was stopped from visiting the grave of his ancestor Frederick Biscoe Basevi at the Cemetery in Swains Lane 10 years ago.

Baron von Treuenburg, who is 74 and lives in Fortis Green, said: "A lady told me that I can't come to the grave unless I was named on the will."


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