Monday, January 30, 2006

Dead Air

Dave at OakvilleBlackWalnut blogged today about a newspaper article mentioning "that obituaries are read over the air on a rural radio station" in Missouri.

This led me to KCRW—a Public Radio station in Santa Monica, California, that broadcasts Final Curtain once a month.

Interesting people die every day -- some we've heard of, some we haven't. And every newspaper has an obituary page to chronicle these passings. There's been nothing like the Obit Page on radio or TV -- until now.

KCRW (89.9 FM and launches what's believed to be a broadcast first: Final Curtain, a monthly half-hour obituary program. It will air the first Tuesday of every month.

Produced and hosted by Perri Chasin and Forrest Murray, Final Curtain will focus on the one thing that unites all living beings -- our demise.

Final Curtain will, of course, deal with people of fame, infamy and notoriety. But it will also feature lesser-knowns whose stories are no less interesting. And it will examine the traditions of death in different cultures.
You can listen to a simulcast at the time of broadcast, or to a podcast anytime (the most recently archived show is from Aug. 2, 2005). They even sell copies on CD—the perfect gift for the person in your life whom everyone else finds really creepy.
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Didn't one of your Top 10 lists mention something about reading obits for fun? Now we have radio! I wanna know how soon can we get Jennifer Garner to read the obits in a half-hour show on PBS? Maybe have a video clip of the deceased showing behind her.


Haha, I almost wrote something about an obit podcast. Good find, Chris.

Think if that (audio) is how transcribed materials were released; it would give a whole new meaning to "soundex."


Budgets are tight at PBS. They could only afford Jennifer Garner's cleaning lady.

Picking up on Dave's suggestion, I'm thinking of recording an audio version of the 1790 census index:

"John Baker ... one ... one ... two ... zero ... zero. Jonathan Baker..."

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