Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Did She Do It On Porpoise?

From Ynetnews, posted Dec. 29, 2005:

Brit Jew marries dolphin

Joe Kot

Till death do us part? An unusual wedding ceremony was held in the southern resort town of Eilat on Wednesday, as Sharon Tendler, a 41-years-old Jewish millionaire from London married her beloved Cindy, a 35-years-old dolphin, Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Thursday.

The groom, a resident of the Eilat dolphin reef, met Tendler 15 years ago, when she first visited the resort. The British rock concert producer took a liking to the dolphin and has made a habit of traveling to Eilat two or three times a year and spending time with her underwater sweetheart.


Tendler said she and her newly wed husband will probably spend their wedding night bowling.

"But what kind of children would they have?" one of the children in the crowd asked his father.

[Read the whole story]


What the porpoise of this? Was she worried that a human guy might marry her for her money? Or, maybe she just doesn't like us? Are we going to have to add interspecies checkboxes on our family sheets now?

You know, those dolphins look like large p...uh, never mind.

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