Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Don't Mormons Ever Sleep?

Renee Zamora is beta testing a new feature at FamilySearch called Family Tree — sort of like OneGreatFamily with an LDS feel. You'll be able to log in, upload your GEDCOM, and let Family Tree merge your data with data from the IGI, Ancestral File and Pedigree Resource File.

FamilySearch has the best merge function I have ever seen. I just love this feature. It will give you the number of possible matches and present five at a time. Instead of choosing who to make primary and what information to keep it will automatically combine all information together. All the birth or death opinions will be listed together in their separate fields. But the neat thing is you can delete your merge! Now I haven’t seen any genealogy software program do that yet.
What I find most promising is the way disputed information is handled.
It is now possible for you and your second cousin to have multiple opinions show up on an individual. You have the ability to dispute each other’s information and note the reason for the dispute. But you cannot change each other’s information contributed. There is an icon that will show if information is disputed. All information added will be maintained. You also have the ability to cite your sources.
Read Renee's entire post for the full scoop.

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