Monday, January 23, 2006

Genealogy Leads to Addiction

From The Kalamazoo (Mich.) Gazette:

Diligence pays off for Super Bowl ticket winner

Saturday, January 21, 2006
By Pam Shebest 388-2730

Don't invite Ted Dorman to any Super Bowl parties this year. He's going to be there in person, thanks to his addiction to online sweepstakes.

Dorman, 61, is the national grand prize winner of the Doritos brand "Crunch Your Way to the Super Bowl" online sweepstakes.


[After retiring, Dorman] started working on his family tree, then started researching his wife's family tree.

"I was spending a lot of time on the computer," he said. "There are games and stuff on there, so I started messing around with them. One thing leads to another and now I spend about one and one-half hours entering contests --- but only the ones that are free."


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