Friday, January 13, 2006

The Genealogy Popularity Poll

Dick Eastman raises an interesting question: How popular is genealogy?

Genealogy is often said to be the second (or third, or fourth) most popular topic on the Internet, but a scientific study of its popularity has never been undertaken.

Until now.

The results of this poll will only be valid if everyone on the Internet participates, so please tell your friends. And don't vote more than twice.


There's one major flaw here many people NOT interested in genealogy read your blog? We know you are hilarious...but we are weird people (well, I am anyway).


Are you suggesting that my methodology is less than scientific?

You'll notice that I'm requiring that everyone who uses the Internet participate. So far it appears that ... 15 people have used the Internet today. (I would have thought it was more than that.)


I'm #16. How special.

You could create another poll "who is your favorite genie-blogger?" with your site checked...heck, I'd vote for you even it wasn't checked.

Cheers -- Randy


Randy, false humility requires that I say that you are too kind.

I am thinking of adding a new poll to see whether "The Genealogy Popularity Poll" is the most popular genealogy popularity poll on the Web. I think it would be quite popular.

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