Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Maybe You Can Judge a Book By Its Cover

Dave at OakvilleBlackWalnut blogged yesterday about something near and dear to my heart — and to every other internal organ I possess. Suffice to say, if you've ever wondered whether your ancestors had tattoos, you might want to check the shelves of your local library.


So, I am looking in my phone book trying to figure out where I can sell some extra skin. You see, I lost a lot of weight lately. I see skin care, skin diving, skin flicks (just kidding), fur & skin that who I should call??


Hmm... I'm not really an expert on the skin trade. (I buy those magazines just for the articles.)


That would make for quite a genealogy book since a DNA sample is included. Lulu and CafePress need to get on that ASAP.

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