Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Monumental Debate

Becca's Cyber Home brings to light a controversy brewing in Texas.

It seems that a monument commemorating the location of the former town of Indianola — "a vital port in German immigration to Texas" — has been altered by the addition of a bench.The bench is so oddly positioned that anyone attempting to both sit on the bench and read the inscription on the monument risks a nasty case of whiplash. The bench does, however, provide an excellent vantage for observing tourists who've come to see the monument. Or the bench.

I have been a proponent of sitting for many years, and cannot help but wonder why they would keep this ostentatious monument — which obviously distracts from the beauty and utility of the bench. The monument was erected in 1936, and has served its purpose. Let's knock it down, and install more benches.

And maybe a taco stand.

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