Monday, January 23, 2006

A New Approach to Matchmaking

A Genealogue Exclusive [What's That?]
Matchmaker Randy Haines has figured out a new way to link up single men and women. Instead of asking them a long list of questions to deduce and compare their personality traits, Haines simply asks for their last names.

"The key to my approach is simplicity," Haines tells The Genealogue. "Who wants to fill out a questionnaire when love is on his mind?"

Once Haines has a client's surname, he feeds it into a special computer program he calls "Foundex," which generates a code consisting of a letter followed by three numbers. Any man and woman sharing the same Foundex code are meant for each another.

"I've had many successes," says Haines. "One couple even got married. Just last week Cindy Collins and Bill Collings tied the knot in Vegas. They sent me pictures."

Not all of his clients are as happy as Bill and Cindy. Some have threatened to sue after being set up with their own siblings or first-cousins. One man was set up with his ex-wife. Haines acknowledges that mistakes do happen.

"Foundex isn't perfect, but neither is love. And love doesn't come with a coupon for free genetic counseling."


I tried this and I got matched up with a dolphin. Wassup with that?


Evolutionarily speaking, that's a pretty close match.

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