Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Small Town Infested With Burtons

From The Indianapolis (Ind.) Star of Jan. 16, 2006:

A small world for Burtons

In Edinburgh, 1 in 20 residents shares name

By Jon Murray

EDINBURGH, Ind. -- Nobody knows just how many Burtons [have populated] this town long defined by factories and fresh starts since it was settled in the 1820s.


One in every 20 residents in the town of 4,500 is a Burton.

By comparison, Marion County's Burton rate among registered voters is one in 1,287.

A curiosity, to be sure -- and in Johnson County, long the basis for jokes, especially each time a wayward Edinburgh Burton turns up on the police blotter.

"I used to make wisecracks," said Miladean Cox, 54. "But then my daughter married one."


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