Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Swede Deal

Seen on craigslist:

Are you a Midwesterner who's only recently discovered your Scandinavian heritage and, in order to frustrate your lonely and otherwise unfulfilled existence, picked up the study of your ancestors' language to connect with your past? Have you progressed beyond level 2? Do you want $20 to renew your subscription on geneology.com for the month of Jan?


I will send you a tape, and all you have to do is transcribe the lyrics of the songs on it for me. No translation needed; I just need the lyrics in Swedish. And in return you receive a rather tame compensation ($20) but, considering that all you have to do is listen to music for 40 mins, will probably be the easiest $20 ever earned in the history of Swedish knowledge (finding lost wallets on the streets of Stockholm doesn't count).

[Read the whole ad]

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