Sunday, January 22, 2006

They're Only a Little Bit Married

From (of Ontario, Canada):

Married or not?

Paperwork problems leave Uxbridge couple in legal limbo

Jan 20, 2006
By Jeff Hayward Staff Writer

UXBRIDGE -- A father's dying wish for his daughter to get married was granted while he lay in his hospital bed.

But while the couple said "I do", the government says they didn't do everything by the book, citing the lack of a marriage licence. As a result, a marriage certificate for Teresa Holden and John Jacobsen, who live at the Uxbridge/Scugog border, is being denied by the provincial registrar's office.

The decision has left the newlyweds in legal limbo, as the Province still appears to have declared the marriage valid in a letter to the couple's lawyer.

"Because we didn't have a licence before we got married, we can't get one now. Because we can't get one now, we can't get a marriage certificate," Ms. Holden said. "We can't get divorced, even if we wanted to. We can't get re-married either."


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