Saturday, January 21, 2006

Top Ten Last Words Uttered by Census Takers

10. "Are your parents at home, Miss Borden?"

9. "Well, I might as well put all you Hatfields and McCoys on the same page."

8. "It's weird how your kids all look like the guy next door."

7. "C'mon, Ms. Billingsley. We both know you're not 78."

6. "Man! Are all Sicilians this ugly?"

5. "Thanks for the sandwich. Now, you say that five of you have died of typhoid fever this week?"

4. "I'll just put you down as a 'Pimp slash Drug Dealer.'"

3. "You don't understand, I'm required to ask 'Sex' of your wife and children."

2. "And how long has 'homicidal sociopathy' kept you from working?"

1. "Could you pass the fava beans, Dr. Lecter?"


Just when you think the top ten lists couldn't get better...though, this still doesn't top "better than sex".

You are a demi-god Chris. I bow to you.


What do you mean "demi"?

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