Saturday, January 14, 2006

Top Ten Reasons Genealogy is Better than Sex

10. No shame in doing it alone or with a group.

9. The magazines have better articles.

8. Not creepy to think of your grandparents doing it.

7. Madonna will never write a book about it.

6. Can do it online without sending the kids to bed.

5. Doing it Register style won't throw your back out.

4. Only protection required is a backup disk.

3. Can hire a professional without risking arrest.

2. People don't stare when you do it at the library.

1. Disrobing is optional.

a missing link

Your best Top 10 list so far!


Thanks. I'll put it at Number One of my upcoming "Top Ten Top Ten Lists" List.


First time here, hope I get more great laughs like I did from this one.

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