Saturday, January 14, 2006

Top Ten Reasons Genealogy is Better than Sex

10. No shame in doing it alone or with a group.

9. The magazines have better articles.

8. Not creepy to think of your grandparents doing it.

7. Madonna will never write a book about it.

6. Can do it online without sending the kids to bed.

5. Doing it Register style won't throw your back out.

4. Only protection required is a backup disk.

3. Can hire a professional without risking arrest.

2. People don't stare when you do it at the library.

1. Disrobing is optional.


Your best Top 10 list so far!


Thanks. I'll put it at Number One of my upcoming "Top Ten Top Ten Lists" List.


First time here, hope I get more great laughs like I did from this one.

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