Sunday, January 08, 2006

Top Ten Signs Your Doctor is a Genealogist

10. Family Medical History form asks for grandparents' marriage dates.

9. Diagnoses your ailment as "Census-taker's elbow."

8. Always collecting unnecessary DNA samples.

7. Family photos in his office are of people dead for seventy years.

6. Only things to read in his waiting room are family group sheets.

5. His first question: "How old were you as of April 1, 1930?"

4. Asks for an advance copy of your obituary before taking out your gallbladder.

3. Checks your pockets for primary sources while you're under anesthesia.

2. Scribbles a prescription, then transcribes it while you wait.

1. Works out of a Family History Center.


Oh, #1 would be extremely convenient! Is there LDS health insurance available?


And if so, does it cover "transcription fatigue"?

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