Thursday, January 05, 2006

Top Ten Worst Genealogy Seminars

10. Hypnosis and the Family History Interview: What Questions Not to Ask

9. The Last Place You Look: Why Not Check There First?

8. Cheaper Than Science: The Secrets of DNA Dowsing Revealed

7. Publishing Your Family History: Serif or Sans-Serif?

6. The ABCs of BMDs: How to Spell "Birth," "Marriage," and "Death"

5. Reading Obituaries for Fun and Profit

4. Genealogy and the Internet: What the Jews Don't Want You to Know

3. I'll Be a Monkey's Uncle: Understanding Your Inbred Family

2. Your First Visit to the Family History Library: The Best Places to Pee

1. Cyndi Howells Reads Her List



The lecture on "Excavating Grandma's Privy for Family History Data" will be presented at NGS in Chicago this year.

Also the following wiull be presented at FGS Boston this year:

"Using E-bay for Genealogy Research"

"Extreme Googling for Genealogists"

"Everyone Has One"

Just thought you might like to attend some really interesting ones!

Cheers -- Randy


"Everyone Has One"? I'm not sure, but I might have two. I'll recheck next time I'm in the shower.

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