Tuesday, January 17, 2006

UK Outlaws 'Marriage'

From LifeSite:

UK Orders Registry offices to Remove All References to “Marriage” due to Civil Partnerships

By Gudrun Schultz

UNITED KINGDOM, England, January 16, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Registry offices in the UK are taking down all signs referring to “marriage.” The Government has advised regional councils to change sign wording in case gay couples are offended. Homosexual relationships can now be registered as Civil Partnerships, under the UK’s new legislation.


The Government-issued Civil Partnership checklist, which contains the signage recommendations, also suggests registry offices change the heading of their stationary packages from “Your Wedding” to “Your Ceremony.”


[Read the whole story]


What about dolphins? Oh wait, wrong posting.


What the heck



An explanation of the dolphin reference may be found here. An explanation of dolphin-marriage is unavailable.

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