Thursday, January 05, 2006

Why I Always Carry Chopsticks

From the Schaumburg (Ill.) Review of Jan. 5, 2006:

How is a cemetery relocated?


If the federal court allows Chicago to dig up and move the 1,300 graves at St. Johannes, how would it be done?

"We're very, very careful," said Leiellen Atz, a Southern Illinois University-trained anthropologist and who manages cemetery relocation projects with Georgia-based Brockington Cultural Resources.

"We try to be as respectful and thoughtful as possible because we are cognizant of the fact that these are human beings with family and friends."

Her tools include old maps, ground penetrating radar, aerial photography, but Atz generally finds graves another way -- by feel.


For the most delicate part of the job Atz employs an unusual tool -- one generally used to eating.

"I use chopsticks. Bamboo is durable enough to dig with, but it's doesn't scratch the bones like metal would. They're also easy to find," she said.


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