Thursday, January 12, 2006

You Take My Name, I'll Take Yours


The wedding name game

13 January 2006

Diamonds are forever – but not surnames.

Wellingtonian Kathryn Neale has a dazzling ring on her finger – but it was the diamond on a softball field that decided which surname she and new husband Sam Shaffer would take.

The New York-based couple hit on an unusual solution – a Kiwis-versus-the-"world" wedding guests' softball match – with the winning team dictating which last name the newlyweds would use.

And it was the groom's side that struck out, beaten 8-7 by the Kiwis.


"It was all a bit of a joke, I'll take your name if you take my name," said the bride, who met her husband in New York five years ago.

True to his word, Mr Neale will honour the deal "for a period of time".


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