Tuesday, February 28, 2006

God Save the Queen a Piece of Cake

A website just went live Celebrating the Queen's 80th Birthday. Elizabeth's birthday falls on April 21st, but will be officially celebrated on June 17th, giving her time to recuperate from the family festivities (I hear they're hiring the Chippendale Dancers).

You can send your birthday greetings to the Queen on the website, paw through her photo album, and even view her birth certificate. This last is not the sort of document I've ever run across. Her father's occupation is given as "Duke of York K.G.," the last two letters indicating that he was either a Knight of the Garter or an early advocate of the metric system.

Be sure to take the quiz on the Queen's life before leaving. I scored a surprising 6 out of 20, and only cheated on four questions.

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