Sunday, February 05, 2006

Have DNA Kit, Will Travel

From The (Lakeland, Fla.) Ledger of Feb. 5, 2006:

DNA Kits Aim to Link You to the Here and Then

New York Times

THE past comes at a price for Georgia Kinney Bopp. Retired and living in Kailua, Hawaii, Ms. Bopp has spent about $800 on tests to trace her ancestry, using samples of DNA from inside her cheek and from possible relatives.

She and her husband, Thomas, even plan vacations around genealogy research, seeking DNA samples from distant cousins.

"If we travel, we keep a DNA kit with us, just in case we meet someone who might help identify an ancient ancestor," Ms. Bopp said. "You just never know."


...Ms. Bopp used DNA tests to research her mother's line, even tracking down a second cousin in Reno, Nev. "I finally cornered him in a restaurant, and I pulled out a DNA kit and convinced him to give me a sample," Ms. Bopp said.


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