Saturday, February 11, 2006

IX-Nay on the Olitaire-Say

Edward Anthony Greenwood IX was fired recently for playing computer solitaire at work. That wouldn't be news if Greenwood hadn't been employed by the New York City Office of State Legislative Affairs at the time, and hadn't been fired by Mayor Bloomberg himself.

What makes the story genealogical is the "IX" in Edward's name—a number rather high in this day and age.

The executive director of the National Genealogical Society, Diane O'Connor, said she had never run across anyone higher than a V. "Off the top of my head," she said, "I would say that it is unusual."
Edward is ninth in a line of Edward Anthony Greenwoods (Anglicized from Édouard Antoine Boisvert at some point) running back to Édouard-Étienne de Nevers, sieur de Brantigny (alias Édouard Boisvert), who settled in Québec in 1654. It's not a straight line: his father was named for an uncle, Edward VII.

And yes, he has a son named Edward Anthony Greenwood X.
Edward IX said he hoped that out of all this publicity he might get a job. He was asked if the illustrious numeral after his name might add some weight to his résumé.

"Maybe that'll be a bolster to my cachet," he said. [Link]
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