Sunday, February 26, 2006

Let the Google Fighting Begin

Google Fight compares search engine results for two words or phrases in a bloodlessly violent way. Of couse, I immediately began a survival-of-the-fittest-name contest, pitting the surnames in my lineage against one another, to see which would come out on top.

My mother's kin are French-Canadian and Finnish, and were beaten handily by my father's brutish English ancestors. My paternal grandfather's "Dunham" narrowly beat out his wife's "Coolidge," despite the dead President in her corner. "Dunham," however, fell in the next round against "Morgan" in what can only be called a bloodbath. Somewhere in my distant past I had a "Smith," which flattened "Morgan" in a most unsportsmanlike way.


lol -- the Korean surname Park trounces Smith! :)


That's not even a fair fight! "Park" even beats "Sex" by a considerable margin. I think I need to find a "Thing" in my family tree. Or maybe a "Microsoft."


We need to legally change one of our ancestor's names to "html" to really kick butt! ;)

It beats "sex" and "com", hands down.

Although "a" is grand champion: 19.7 billion! (barely edging out "the" at 18.99 billion.)


I just checked WorldConnect, and there are more than 9,000 entries for the surname "A". Makes it easy to figure out the Soundex code.

Another great thing about having that last name: You'd always be first in the phone book.

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