Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let's Wish the Welsh Well

In case you haven't noticed, it's Wales Week in New York—kind of like Mardi Gras with a wind chill advisory.

In New York on March 1, daffodils and red dragons will abound around town, as the Welsh community in New York celebrates St. David and Dylan Thomas, Wales' most famous poet, with weeklong events that include lighting the Empire State Building in red, green and white, the colors of Wales. [Link]
The press release from the Welsh Development Agency goes on to tell us what we'd be missing if not for Wales: principally Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jack-Daniels-induced blackouts.

There's a whole website devoted to Wales Week, with a page devoted to Welsh genealogy. The Wales Tourist Board pitches in a website of its own—Homecoming Wales—with tips on finding your Welsh family, and answers to the question, "What's Happening in Wales?"

What is happening in Wales? A Man Versus Horse Marathon, of course.

I almost wish my ancestors hadn't subjugated the Welsh.

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