Monday, February 20, 2006

Mystery Photo

I'm hoping that someone can help explain this photograph, found among the effects of my Finnish great-grandmother (click for a larger image). The gentlemen pictured don't appear to be relatives—although clobbering people with large sticks of wood is common practice in my family. Two questions remain: What is the man in front reading, and is the man behind concealing his face with a mask or with an actual pig's head?

If you have any clue as to what it all means, drop a comment below. My best guess: a Finnish dramatization of Animal Farm.

Mark Adams

Actually, this is what you'd get if Ingmar Bergman teamed up with Ken Burns.


Looks to me as if people are just goofing off...your guess is probably as good as far as mask vs real pig's head, it looks pretty real to me, but who knows!


This was perhaps a skit for a local Pig Festival?

Or, it's some type of strange pig spanking fetish.


Thank you all for your input. The "just goofing off" theory is plausible, but I haven't yet confirmed that Finns are capable of goofing off. They do, though, love to tango.


RE: Finns and the Tango

Good Lord...Who knew?!


Yeah, there was a segment on 60 Minutes some years ago showing grim-faced Finns tangoing with something approaching passion. That was a part of my heritage I hadn't learned about at my grandmother's knee.

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