Friday, February 17, 2006

Oh, Give Me a Home...

The National Archives Central Plains Region facility in Kansas City is looking for new headquarters. Details are sketchy, but the Archives reportedly "has to relocate" by 2007. I suspect they've ticked off their current landlord by playing loud music at all hours of the night.

They're looking for a more accessible facility, and more room for 50,000 cubic feet of non-military federal records generated in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska between 1821 and 1990. This doesn't include the "3 million cubic feet of less important documents [kept] in area caves," available only to researchers with spelunking privileges.

If you live in Kansas City, and have an extra room that could accommodate the Archives, give them a call. Just be sure to lock the liquor cabinet and ask for a security deposit.


In that region, locking up the liquor cabinet is especially important.

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