Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Randy Piece of Portraiture

You may want to double-check that 19th-century picture of your great-great-grandfather. A portrait being auctioned on eBay conceals a naughty secret.

Unusual Early "Secret" Nude Print, mid-19th century. It appears to be an ordinary portrait print of a young gentleman in a birdseye maple frame, but a notch on the upper back allows the portrait to be pulled up revealing a hand-colored and rather explicit lithograph. 16.25" x 13.25" overall. [Link]
The unpixelated photo is not suitable for work, home, or anywhere else.

Update: I missed this note on the portrait's condition, which proves that the naughty secret was not so secret (emphasis mine).
Appears to be all original, with expected toning to both prints; portrait has worn losses from many years of pulling it up to reveal what is underneath.
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VERY cool!! Now, if only I had $500 laying around... *sigh*


I could buy it, but then I'd have to hide under my mattress.

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