Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Shopping Online for Dummies

Ever wonder what an ancestor really looked like? Send some photographs and a few thousand dollars to Dorfman Museum Figures and they'll craft a life-size likeness so real you'll swear your great-great-grandfather survived cremation.

You can choose the hands, eyes, and hair that suit the subject—or even supply some of your own hair for implantation. Head and hands come installed on a rigid body form, or on a flexible foam mannequin body "that can be bent into the position you desire."

On second thought, maybe I'll send in some pictures of Angelina Jolie.


You didn't mention the basic models start at $1795. This is within the budget of most of our Congressional rep's postage budgets. They may even be more productive (the models, not the politicians.)


My bad, I meant "more effective."


An easy way to distinguish real members of Congress from mannequins: a mannequin won't thank you for your bribe.

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