Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Shopping Online for Dummies

Ever wonder what an ancestor really looked like? Send some photographs and a few thousand dollars to Dorfman Museum Figures and they'll craft a life-size likeness so real you'll swear your great-great-grandfather survived cremation.

You can choose the hands, eyes, and hair that suit the subject—or even supply some of your own hair for implantation. Head and hands come installed on a rigid body form, or on a flexible foam mannequin body "that can be bent into the position you desire."

On second thought, maybe I'll send in some pictures of Angelina Jolie.

a missing link

You didn't mention the basic models start at $1795. This is within the budget of most of our Congressional rep's postage budgets. They may even be more productive (the models, not the politicians.)

a missing link

My bad, I meant "more effective."


An easy way to distinguish real members of Congress from mannequins: a mannequin won't thank you for your bribe.

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