Friday, February 03, 2006

Too Long to Discard, Too Short to Use

From The (Stirling, Ontario) Community Press Online:

Prince Edward - Quaker records find their way to archives


Thanks to local newspaper articles, a treasure trove of historical documents is now in the process of being inventoried for deposit at the Quaker Archives at Pickering College.


"Marion Cronk charged me with sorting out her affairs when it was necessary for her to go into a nursing home," [Gord] Moran says. "I knew there were a lot of historical records that needed to be saved, but the amount of printed material was overwhelming. I finally just bought a whole bunch of large plastic tote boxes and put everything in those to be sorted later."

By the time he finished, he had filled nearly 50 totes.

"The Cronk family saved everything, and I mean everything," Moran says. "When we were cleaning out the house we found a jar full of string. The label that was pasted on the outside said "String - too short to use." That gives you an idea of the amount of stuff we were dealing with."


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