Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines for Genealogists

Through good times and bad
My heart you have carried.
There's no proof our grandparents
Ever got married.

Roses are red,
Violets are not.
I think that your census
Transcriptions are hot.

My heart tells me "Stop!"
But the truth must be told:
I've learned that your genome
Is really quite old.

The girl at the archives
Who captured my heart
Has now wrapped it up
In a pedigree chart.

We met at the graveyard,
Inside of the gate.
I'm saving the crypt
For our Valentine's date.

I need to know this—Earn my love!
Don't leave me here forlorn!
Just scribble down your middle name
And where your folks were born.

Your face is on microfilm
Locked in my mind.
I promise I'll never
Forget to rewind.

Let's start again and live our lives
The way our forebears did.
I'll steal some land from Indians—
You squeeze me out a kid.

Although it made
My brain explode,
I memorized
Your Soundex code.

I wouldn't lie—
Just look in the mirror.
Your age must be
A transcription error.

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