Sunday, February 12, 2006

Younique Dollz

A line of "multi-racial heritage dolls" will be unveiled at the American International Toy Fair this week in New York. Younique Gemz will encourage multi-racial children to take pride in their ancestries, while at the same teaching them how to misspell two common English words.

Also coming is the Younique Gemz Scrapbook, whose purpose is to "give children and parents the opportunity to share their personal heritage, helping to build a strong sense of self within the child."

The front of the scrapbook will have a special section for mapping out a family history. The entire scrapbook will be created with all people groups in mind and will display the many unique aspects of various cultures, traditions, music and foods. [Link]
This will give the child something to do after she's stripped her doll naked, pulled off its head, and flushed its shoes down the toilet.
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Chris, did you sister not let you play with her dolls?


It's still a touchy subject, and I'd rather not talk about it.

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