Tuesday, March 07, 2006

All For One, None For You

A French court has allowed Damien Bairi to change his name "to escape prejudice in French society" (although, he later conceded, he'd never actually experienced prejudice in French society). His new surname? "D'Artagnan"—just like the guy who inspired all those lousy Three Musketeers movies.

Musketeer descendant and French senator Aymeri de Montesquiou Fezensac d'Artagnan opposed Bairi's petition, arguing that he just wasn't noble enough to pull off such an illustrious name. But Bairi had a pretty good rejoinder: "D'Artagnan" was his mémère's name.

"All I wanted to do was adopt my maternal grandmother's name because she was the person I felt closest to," he said. "I don't want to exploit the d'Artagnan name in any way, and I certainly don't want to pretend I'm an aristocrat. [Link]

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