Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ask the Genealogue 5

Dear Genealogue,
I've always heard that I have Gypsy blood on my mother's side. How can I find out for sure?
Frances in Clanton, AL
Fill a paper bag with coffee grounds and hair clippings, and go out the night of the next full moon and bury it beneath a live oak tree. Sing the Gilligan's Island theme song three times while standing on one foot. Then spend the next few years engaged in intense genealogical research.
Dear Genealogue,
The 1870 census says my great-great-grandfather was "Dumb." What does this mean?
Stacy in Readstown, WI
That he could not speak. When people say it of you, they mean something else.
Dear Genealogue,
I've hit a roadblock with my genealogy. Is there an easy way to figure out a woman's maiden name?
Jen in Moncton, NB
Ask her father.
Dear Genealogue,
I've been a professional genealogist for 35 years, and I have to object to the advice you've been giving. Most of it is wrong, useless, or insulting, and a couple of your suggestions could lead to accidental dismemberment. What qualifies you to give advice about genealogy?
Tom in Caldwell, ID
I once mistook a Family History Center for a Burger King. Spent hours there waiting for a Croissan'wich. They were too polite to ask me to leave.

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